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Joburg Pride Parade

  • PublishedOctober 26, 2023


Pride is observed to encourage the LGBTQ+ community’s ongoing struggle for equality. It serves as a gathering to advance inclusion, equality, diversity and a sense of belonging. Joburg Pride is an amazing event that began as a non violent demonstration to help people who find it difficult to see past the binary to realize that gender and sexuality are not fixed, since each person is unique because of these distinctions. This is one of the most significant Pride events on the African continent attracting thousands of people every year to stand together in support of the LGBTQ+ rights and visibility.

This event is the oldest and most well-established Pride festival in Africa, having started in 1990 with the first Pride celebration. Its size and significance have increased dramatically over time. It is now a major to force in advancing LGBTQ+ rights , acceptance and inclusivity in South Africa and World wide. The most notable and noticeable aspect of these gatherings are the pride parades. Marching through the streets in colorful and artistic costumes, participants celebrate their identities and advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. These parades frequently include dancing performances, music, and inflatables.

Johannesburg Pride is an annual festival that takes place in October and typically lasts for a week or longer, offering a wide variety of events and activities. The celebrations come to a head with a colorful and lively pride parade as participants march through Johannesburg’s streets, celebrating their identities and raising awareness of LGBTQ+ issues. A variety of cultural events, including live concerts, film screenings, and art exhibits, are frequently held in conjunction with pride festivals. These gatherings give LGBTQ+ writers, artists, and performers a stage on which to present their work. Performances  include Kamo Mphela, Nathan Tebello, Dj, Skye, Ms Party Jägermeister brass cartel  and many more.

The Parade 

The LGBTQ+ community invites you to walk with them as they remember the hardships faced by those who came before them in order for them to run. Johannesburg Pride takes place on Saturday the 28th October 2023, at Corlett DR, Illovo, Sandton. Gates open at 10h00 and the event will end at 23h00. There is free entrance and strictly no weapons,  food, cooler boxes are allowed.