Bruital Fruit She-been

Bruital Fruit She-been
  • PublishedAugust 30, 2023

From the rustic outside, of corrugated sheeting, one would never expect the amazing space that was created by brutal fruit campaign for women’s month. A completely different world created for women to feel safe and to completely let loose and have fun.

She-been or Shebeen is a play on words, taken from the traditional shebeen which is a township concept which is a place to drink. Brutal fruit was then chosen to celebrate women be turning one of the popular taverns In soweto into a celebration for women.

Although this is a campaign for women’s month which was in August, you can see how the women felt completely free and would welcome this concept as a permanent fixture especially in the heart of Soweto.

The ladies were over joyed with dj’s playing their favourite songs .

Later in the evening Lamiez Holworthy, One of the most loved female dj’s in south africa graced the turntables and the place lit up even more . she ended her set with words of encouragement for the ladies and for the rest of the evening. the ladies danced the night away.