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BET Hip-Hop Awards 2023: South African MCs Set to Shine in the BET Cypher

  • PublishedOctober 10, 2023


For years, the BET Hip-Hop Awards have been an essential platform for recognizing and celebrating the artists who shape the ever-evolving culture of hip-hop. One of the most eagerly anticipated segments of the awards is the rap freestyle series titled ‘The Cypher.’ This year, BET Africa has unveiled an electrifying lineup of South African MCs set to leave their mark on the 2023 BET Cypher. This impressive roster of talent includes renowned artists such as Maggz, Tyson Sybateli, Sizwe Alakine, Blaklez, Okmalumkoolkat, Loatinover Pounds, Money Baddoo, Mochen, Roiii, Sauwcy, Lolli Native, Flow Jones Jnr., Phantom Steeze. To commemorate 50 years of hip-hop, the Cypher will also feature a special producer-curated set by pH Raw X. Mark your calendars because the full BET Cypher will air on Wednesday, October 11, exclusively on DSTV.

Honoring Hip-Hop Evolution

The BET Hip-Hop Awards have become an annual tradition, a moment to reflect on the hip-hop culture’s growth and evolution. Hip-hop is more than just a genre; it’s a movement that has transformed music, fashion, and social commentary worldwide. ‘The Cypher’ is the heart of the awards, where rappers showcase their lyrical prowess, storytelling, and the pulse of their generation.

The Stellar Lineup

This year’s BET Cypher features an eclectic mix of established MCs and rising stars from the South African hip-hop scene. Each artist brings their unique flavor to the Cypher, promising a night of unforgettable performances.

– Maggz, a versatile veteran with a decade-long career, will undoubtedly bring his A-game to the stage.

– Tyson Sybateli, the lyrical wordsmith, will weave intricate verses that captivate listeners with every syllable.

– Okmalumkoolkat, the eclectic innovator, will push the boundaries of hip-hop by blending various cultural elements into his performance.

– Blaklez, the respected lyricist, is known for his socially conscious lyrics and powerful storytelling.

– Loatinover Pounds, the underrated gem, will introduce a wider audience to his unique talent and perspective.

– The lineup continues to impress with Money Baddoo, Mochen, Roiii, Sauwcy, Lolli Native, Flow Jones Jnr., and Phantom Steeze, ensuring a diverse array of styles and voices in the Cypher.

50 Years of Hip-Hop Celebration

This year’s BET Cypher holds extra significance as it commemorates 50 years of hip-hop. The addition of a special producer-curated set by pH Raw X will undoubtedly add a unique twist to the Cypher. Hip-hop’s history is intimately tied to the beatmakers and producers who have crafted its iconic sound. pH Raw X’s presence promises a fitting tribute to this essential element of hip-hop’s evolution.

Tune In to Witness History

Fans of South African hip-hop and hip-hop enthusiasts worldwide won’t want to miss this year’s BET Cypher. It’s a celebration of the past, present, and future of hip-hop, with a lineup of MCs that are sure to captivate audiences with their raw talent and creativity. So, mark your calendars for Wednesday, October 11, and tune in to DSTV to witness these exceptional artists take Centre stage in the 2023 BET Cypher. It’s a night that promises to be unforgettable in the annals of hip-hop history.