Bhekisa M&G Health in partnership with Global Health strategies held a media briefing to enlighten journalist about #SafeAbortion. Mainly focusing on why materials’ go for illegal abortion while Termination Of Pregnancy (TOP) is legal and free.

The department of health had neglected the safety of women entirely, but abortion is at the top of the list. Information about abortion in public clinics and hospitals are withheld. When one enquires is given a bad attitude by the hospital or clinic stuff, engulfing them with guilt and self-hate.

Leaving them with three options, one: to go to a private facility if they can afford one and have the service they require safely at a cost of money, two: go to cheap illegal drug selling traders on the streets at the stake of their lives, three: commit suicide. Likely they opt for two or three since many who require this service don’t have money.

Dr Mhlanga an Obstetric and gynaecologists specialist from the Mpumalanga Health Department Mhlanga said “maternal mortality rates have decreased by 40% because of the TOP Act”.

He highlights that whether the Health Department avail or withhold safe abortion information and services, women will go on with it at any cost. It is essential for such information and service to be made available to all health facilities just like any other service offered. Most of health practitioners are against the TOP ACT.

They discourage, insult and discredit materials for thinking of such. Health practitioners who support the TOP ACT are no exception to such criticism. Dr Mhlanga was criticized by a government official saying “shaking the hand full of the blood of innocent babies”.

Health workers are unethical when it comes to offering maternal care. They focus on theology and turn a blind eye on biology. Utterly distorting the mind of materials with their believes.

Leaving them with shame and fear to speak out and ask for help in public facilities. “Health workers should not put their rights before the rights of patients, they must leave conscious movement to the army”, Mhlanga said.

The health department does not capture reproductive health data. Even media releases produced to the public is not credible. Government give little or no care about what happens in clinics and hospitals. A manager in North West closed the TOP service.

The department gave her positive support and said ‘only repeaters should be fired’, testified Dr Tlaleng. Theologies, government negligence, withholding information, society and in access to medical facilities; especially in rural areas are the reason why materials’ retreat to illegal abortion.

By: Mogotladi Makgato