Life puts us in difficult situations. It is just like that, we can’t change it. But we can change the way we deal with those difficulties.
Take these five pieces of advice and fasten up. Get used to the bumpy ride. You are alive, you might as well live. Don’t be hard on yourself.
1. People will provoke and criticise you. They will make it their mission to annoy you. Find your cool and never lose it. Don’t consume negativity from anyone.
Only biter people will make others feel bad. The best way to deal with such is to laugh at their face. Laugh because that person is displaying their messed up personality unaware.
They just want to discredit you because they have lost their meaning in life. That doesn’t mean they are dump or bad people. They are just going through a certain stage in life. Bear with them.
2. Life will get tough .Be tougher. Stiffen up. Let that heavy load make you stronger. You never get stronger by lifting paper weight.
Believe me growth and comfort don’t co-exist. Walk tall with your face fixed on the sky. You don’t belong on the ground. You are a golden star, keep shining no matter what happens.
3. Loved ones will stab you in the back and betray you. Don’t let that be a setback. It is life, it’s just like that. You don’t live in a vacuum.
The ride will get bumpy. But never give up because you have flat tyres. Pull yourself together. Life goes on. If you don’t lose friends then you are stuck in one place. Your life is just stationary. Losing friends is a sign of growing up.
They are not stupid. You have just out grown them or vice versa. The smaller the circle the stronger you become. At time you will have absolutely no one. Use that time to nature yourself. Be emotionally and spiritually independent on God.
4. You will feel forsaken, shamed and your plans will fail. Always remember that God never lie.
You just hold on to your faith. You are just going through the pruning process. Remember God prune those he loves, like a mother punish a child. It doesn’t mean he has failed you. Let him do his will.
Pray and gather strength to accept and live according to his will. Endure such moments. Believe me God means no harm. He knows better. Trust in him and don’t despair.
5. You will get conflicted- Always start with the omnipotent then the important. Deal with essential things first. Learn to prioritise. Choose happiness. Do what is right even though it’s difficult.
Ella Maillart once said ‘’I had to live in a desert before I could understand the full value of grass, in a green ditch.’’ Use that bad experience to better your live. They happen in order to chisel and refine you.
By: Mogotladi Makgato