President Cyril Ramaphosa today, 01 July 2020, around 18:h00 is expected to interact with communities across South Africa through a virtual Presidential Imbizo on Coronavirus.

(Virtual Presidential Imbizo is where ordinary people can publicly have a banter with the president via technological means).

If you have questions or concerns about Covid-19 in South Africa? This evening is your chance to find answers.

Who can participate? 

People at taxi ranks, malls and even a spazashop in townships always have opinions and questions that never reach or voice out to relevant people, so tonight is a perfect chance to be heard. Fellow South Africans across the country are invited to participate.

In this case communities are invited to participate through more than 80 community radio stations, TV channels and social media. 

How to participate?

Members of the public can submit their questions to President Ramaphosa through the following:

Community Radio Toll free line: 0800 142 446

Social media using #PresidentialImbizo

By: Monti Montsha