“Life is like a boom-a-rang. The more good you throw out, the more you receive in return” Josh S. Hinds.

Too often do we see people who are labelled as ‘nyaope boys’ by members of their communities who are living under heavy poverty conditions wandering the streets of Soshanguve, Mamelodi and not to mention others asking for two rands from people.

The question that comes to mind first is what do they do with these two rands? Most of us assume that they use it for nyaope and although this may be true, how sure are we? Its not always the case.

Some of these people are really struggling and need those two rands in order to put food on the table. We all know that the rate of poverty and unemployment in South Africa is quite high. So let’s help where we can.

Now the bigger question is how do you as a citizen identity between those who are really struggling and need food and those who are only taking advantage? While my advise would be not to identity the difference at all as we don’t know their backgrounds.

What you can do is not to judge but always remain kind and friendly. If you have food or fruits give them. If don’t have food but money, give them money.

How they plan on spending that money is totally up to them. You no longer have control over it. At the end of the day you will be at peace with yourselves because you have helped somebody and perhaps changed their lives too. You never know.

“Life is like a chocolate, you never know which one you’ll get” Forest Gump. Always be kind. Help other people and show ubuntu because one good hand deserves another.

By: Faiza Stone