Those of you who are looking for knowledge or something that can provoke a thought, the truth, or whatever the reasons, the interpretation of this opinion if not factual writing is never a waste of time.

The woman is so important to humanity; nothing can be into existence if it wasn’t of a woman.

Some people say they love Jesus Christ, some people say they like Mandela (one of our great leaders), some of you say they like Denzil Washington (Best actor alive), some will say they like all this great man i mentioned, but non of them would exist in this planet if is not because of a woman.

Every great Man you know came via the womb of a woman that is how special a woman is. She gives birth to special a person that is clear and evident of how exceedingly special to all and sundry she is.

So allow me to teach you about the tremendous power you have but you don’t know of, because you give your power to man i say Man (in brackets) because this are not real man but perverts.

Most of you woman don’t know your power, the reason i say this is because of the way i see Man treating you this days and you allow it, we can talk all day all we want, but the truth of the matter is there is no great or wise man without a woman, that is why i say you are powerful to the power, so use the opportunity of what you naturally have, to protect you from this evil man who wants to use you for their own personal idiotic reasons.

The woman is the mystery of the reality of God, the woman is the unusual creation of God, and the female is the X chromosome which the X is the unknown quantity, it is only know by God.

A man is made up of X-Y chromosomes and a woman is made of X chromosome (just to prove who needs who the most) but you woman are ignorant to know all this facts, so you use them to get back the respect that is taken away from you by Man.

I took the will to educate those who need the education, you choose to take the knowledge or you leave it alone. I am like a pregnant Woman i will give birth to the word till the end of me.

“When you educate a Man you only educate an individual, but when you educate a Woman you educating the nation”- Malcolm X.

“Without a woman there is no great Man”- Monti Montsha

“The greatest Man you ever did see was once a baby”- Bob Marley.
By: Monti Montsha