The power of music and lyrics is often overlooked by quite a number of people. The type of music that you choose to follow has a certain effect on how you live and how you actually socialise with people you come across, also, the music you listen to gives the people around you a chance to build up a perception they have of you.

While I wrote this listening to music, listening to music has become such a basic activity that we never realise the reason as to why we actually listen or write music (to those who write music of course).

It doesn’t really matter who you are or what kind of music you listen to, what matters is the influence that music have in your life and to what degree/extend that music can take your emotions.

Although there are stereotypes about particular people who listen to a particular genre of music, it’s not always the case that people who listen to the same genre will live their lives similarly because within one genre of music there are different artists/musicians who bring up various perspectives.

Before we can try and understand the effect music has on us, we firstly have to understand that music is a combination of melodies and words(in most cases). To which both depend on the receiver to give meaning to.

Thus music/a word on its own has the ability to change your feelings about certain things,to build or break you. Some people believe that words are inert, that they’re just symbols we use to communicate and the meaning we attach to these symbols is entirely up to us.

Artists usually have an attached meaning to various songs to give you the ultimate perspective of the experiences they had, for you to experience the pleasure of their music.

We tend to give these artists a higher voice in our lives and they have an effect on how we shape our frame of references through their music because we’ve trusted their opinion at one point and there’s absolutely no problem in that, the problem is when we take their opinions onto our lives without proper discretion.

The year 2018, we came to witness the drastic growth of music globally. We also lost a couple of artists but two of which were outspoken about their life situations. We lost Jabulani Tsambo (HHP) and Mac Miller, whom both battled with depression towards their passing.

Now if an artist is that expressive about how they feel they tend to touch a lot of people that may relate to them as fans and having trusted them in their opinions we value every action they take,take note that both Mac and HHP’s passing had the same motive of suicide and an uninformed soul that valued these souls may have seen their last decision as the only one there is.

It might sound weird to teach an individual to learn how to listen to music but it may be necessary.

We have to understand that there’s a time we listen to music and just acknowledge one’s perspective without taking it into our lives and there are times we listen to music to seek closure, find solutions, find motivation or to simply relax our mindsets.

Do yourself a favour, next time you listern to music be sure it favours you and also motivates you. Listen to music that will always change your mood from bad to good because best believe nothing is accomplished in a bad mood.

By:Thabo Molele