The society that we live in has influenced the people to an extent were they don’t even greet their elders anymore.

Growing up in a country of Ubuntu should make people proud, it’s a matter of respecting every individual.

Over the years the youth of South Arica had morals, self-discipline, respect and most importantly they helped each other.

The generation of today focuses on the wrong things this includes substance abuse ,partying, and misusing money in buying expensive clothing rather saving that money for something important.

Majority of the females rely on men to get what they want, this makes them look cheap. Those business men give them money to spoil themselves it will make sense if one opens a business than to buy expensive a Brazilian hair. Okay so in a day it happens the female is given R4000,that money is a lot it takes a person who has a clear mind to use it properly.

The mere focus here is to make the youth understand the significance of life itself. If you are given a chance use it to better your life. Our forefathers fought for us in order not to struggle the way they did, that’s why in the 21st century we have opportunities that they never had.

Back then it was very hard to archive your goals because what you believed in no one couldn’t even give you a chance to prove yourself.
Our country has a numerous of opportunities its high time that the youth start to believe in themselves rather to blame fellow Africans for them being unemployed.

You don’t chose to be born in a poor background, poverty doesn’t kill that is a mind-set that some grew up with. Despite of your background you can archive your dreams, start volunteering in order to develop yourself.

There are a lot of people who are like you. Share your stories with people who will relate that’s a process of healing.
Negativity has ruined our youth, you find that a father tells his son that a man doesn’t cry, you have to be strong. Words like that are deceiving, killing our generation, its high time that such words are destroyed.

The whole world needs motivation, we still have countries that are still at war because they grew up in a home of negativity and violence.
Education is important, it enables everyone to learn and to know more about what they don’t know. Its high time that the youth changes their mind-set and the way they’re living their lives.

The world need more inspiring people, anger, depression, hate, racism and violence won’t get you anywhere.
The world needs Ubuntu, spread love not hate, remember to have a positive influence in the society.

By: Unity Rambau