Vodacom Durban July never disappoints every first Saturday of July since 1897, which this year happened on the 07 July 2018 and had over 60 000 thousand people head to Greyville Kwazulu Natal around that time.

It is amazing how much of a great time can be had when good, well-known talented personalities gather with ordinary citizens to unwind, watch and really enjoy some time out.

Durban July happens every year in the beginning of July when the rest of the country is freezing but Durban is warm and buzzing with fun. South Africans travel to Durban in their Sundays’ best designer attires.

It takes over 8 months planning the event especially since it happens every year , it needs to be better yearly ,from choosing the theme, decoration , music , artist to perform, media coverage and as day gets closer so does the pressure to the organisers ,because they need to ensure safety, fun , good hospitality , entertainment and beyond creating good memories for those who attend the event.

The preparations to this event take longer than planning a wedding, simply because there are several elements that take place not only at the venue but in the entire province being
Kwazulu Natal seeing that government officials attend it, those in political power therefore this putts pressure on hotel managers who need to accommodate so many people who come from as far as Swaziland, people who do not only see Durban July as a one day event but a vacation in such a way that they take time off.

Even though this is such a great event one can confidently state that this event is not for those who are not in financial power to buy and afford anything they want whenever , or those who will not be able to go as far as getting loans in order for them to afford , simply because they are under paid and do not have enough ‘savings’ for them to take from but the simply live a life of survival, a hand to mouth life even if its planned they live to priorities .

Whereas on the other hand those who are financially able and can get to benefit some time out from their ‘busy schedules’ meaning that the money they spend here does not affect them in any way regardless of whether its planned or not.

Again figures do not lie without doubt one can say that the KZN government benefits seeing that over R250 million was gained by the province through means of hotels , transport expenses and clothes but beyond anything the food people buy along with the drinks.

For example people associate and find social status through drinks they buy like Champaign , wine ; they feel like the more expensive the drink the more respect , class, status you get from those around you whether they know you or not.

Again numbers do not lie. It is proven to say those who are in political power benefit the most for instances the Kwazulu Natal economy benefited about, good thing about this event is not only about the gathering but the contribution it makes towards the economic development of KZN seeing that people send money to pay for facilities such as hotel , buying clothes , food and the revealing of great talent that is showed case by each artist that performs there what we need to ask ourselves as ordinary citizens who are not celebrities , government officials is that is it really worth spending so much money for one day and then after go back to our ordinary lives , which most probably is full of debts and spend the rest of their year paying for a one day debt rather than taking the same amount and investing it in productive things that will be of value to their everyday life.

Having fun is no problem but how we have fun is the issue particularly us the black society we spend most of the day being intoxicated, wanting to impress rather than asking themselves if the goal is to be rich or to look but one must always remember that such decisions can only be taken individually.

If one needs to realise that behind the close doors of fashion, glamour there are some real issues and efforts that go through.

This refers to include girls selling their bodies prior to the event to be able to fit in the standards buy expensive garments in such a way that they have multiple partners of which they end up being involved sexually with, without even considering the high risks of viruses such as HIV and STI.

By: Samkelisiwe Tiisetso Masina