By Unity Rambau

The word beauty embraces places, people and everything that is beautiful. World-wide, we have tremendous Gorgeous ladies who are beautiful inside-out, Nosipho is one of those, a young South African beauty pageant who believes in her true self.

Nosipho Mashaba (25) was raised in Johannesburg South(Linmeyer) from childhood until 2010. Later moved to Limpopo (Ha-Kutama,Tshikwarani) lived there from 2011-2013. Currently she is back in Johannesburg to pursue her studies and dreams. Mashaba is passionate about what she wants to archive in life.

At the tender age of 12 years, Nosipho ventured into the beauty pageant life. While growing up the bullying began as other young people were treating her badly as she gained weight. Casting agencies rejected her at that time, until she began to love herself just the way God made her.

Nosipho is a model/mentor to young girls who lackto self-esteem. Focus on young women in the community is her main objective , her ability is to encourage them to do beauty pageants ,public speaking, debate and stand their own ground.
Being a ramp and a picture model has now shifted into grooming young people.

They have won numerous awards, she giggles as she explained to North Magazine about one of the kids who said to he, “Big sis you teach us all these things we need to know about life, you trained us well on beauty part and everything but we have never seen you take part in beauty pageants.” Unfortunately the kid died in a traumatic way, Nosipho believes that the kid is watching over her.

Nosipho’s aspirations is to become a chartered accountant, open her own community center back in the village. This initiative will assist the youth to come in and learn about culture, drama, poetry and issues affecting our society. The main purpose is to take them away from the streets.

According to Nosipho we are moving onto a 4th industrial revolution, robots are not coming anymore but they are here so it’s up to all of us to be educated.

Her message to the unemployed youth out there is to be informed, we have 24 hours and it’s up to an individual to take the time, come up with an idea that can be turned into a business.

We live in a beautiful world filled with joyous beings, let beauty continue to reign until eternity.