Ingredients riccota mushroom toast
~ 250g mushrooms thinly sliced
~ butter
~ riccota cheese (any soft cheese) thinly sliced
~ French loaf

*cut the French loaf into thick equal slices
*butter both sides of the French loaf lightly
*set the heat on medium with a sauce pan sprayed with non-stick spray
*when the pan is hot enough start toasting your buttered slices until you they are golden brown and crispy
* set the toast aside
* prepare the sauce pan with butter or olive oil.
* grill the sliced mushrooms until they are ready. Add a pinch of salt and pepper for taste
*layer the French loaf slice with the cheese and mushrooms according to your taste. Enjoy😁

Ingredients: cream spinach toast
~ 1 bundle of spinach finely chopped
~ 100ml cream
~ 4 table spoons of cake flour (can be increased according to the consistency desired for the cream spinach)
~ salt and pepper
~riccota cheese (roughly chopped)

*place the chopped spinach in a pot with olive oil/butter and a little bit of water.
*once the spinach has reduced in volume, add salt and pepper and the chopped riccota cheese.
*let this cook for 5 minutes ( cheese must not melt)
*mix the cream with the flour and add the mixture into the spinach and cheese mixture.
*stir to prevent the mixture for getting lumpy. If it is to thick, add more cream until you have reached your desired consistency. Set aside to cool when you are done
*prepare the French loaf slices as explained in the mushroom riccota toast.
*spread out spoonful of the cream spinach on the French loaf slice.

**you an put anything that you want on the toasted slices, the French loaf is the secret ingredient as it doesn’t taste the same as normal bread **