By: Debbie Ncube
“Music is a world within itself; it’s a language we all understand.”
At the age of 23, Keith Fortune Ndlovu aka Kiss Kiss is on a mission to unite with his songs, that’s why he wrote the song African boy.
Best known for being a writer, a composer and a motivational speaker, versatile multi-lingual music vocalist Keith was born in Soweto (Bara).
He is looking forward to work with every artist he comes across, and the goal is to be a household name nationwide.
Keith fell in love with music at a tender age, he learnt a lot musically from a well known musician, Akon (he showed him that anything is possible no matter who you are or where you come from).
Keith forced himself to make music under harsh conditions. He would share and send his music everywhere in order to be recognised.
People didn’t believe in him at first but here he is today, having many songs under his name that includes… (Umona, Vuka, and Barati, just to name a few).
His song Ghuba dance just dropped on KFC soundbite and it has been third place for a week now, and ‘umona’ music video will be dropping on the last week of December 2017.
To download all his music visit, iTunes, YouTube and free from datafilehost.
Keith’s determination got him recruitment from Art Residence (a platform that helps artists enter the music industry).
He has performed in a lot of public places like; Razzmatazz(JHB), Genesis night pub(Kempton park), unplugged sessions SA, and he is yet to perform in a lot more places.

For bookings he can be found on twitter as @Kfortunendlovu, on Facebook as Keith Ndlovu, on whatsapp at 0714893066 and at .
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