Born in a township of Alexandra, Tshepo Mmamalla a young South African who believe in change. Where he came from didn’t stop him from archiving his goals, his community comes first.

In 2014 Tshepo started an establishment called ‘Chererbn . The aim of the project is to assist communities with social problems. CHEREBN established radical extreme sports tour academy to promote extreme sports ,donating skateboards, bicycles and roller blades throughout South Africa’s townships and private skate parks.

South Africa as any other country has challenges, the communities do not have enough resources, Poverty a major issue that affects many.

The social problems includes unemployment, alcohol, drug abuse and teenage pregnancy. In townships there Is lack of infrastructure also support radical extreme sports and academy looked at this to equip people with skills in order to have a community that is involved.

Cherebn’s work is to encourage mote south African youth so that they can focus on important activities than doing wrong things in the streets. “we want to restore unity in our communities, we have lost the culture of Ubuntu”.

Confidence is lacking in townships, Objectively the radical extreme sports tour and academy trading under chererbn is influencing young girls and boys of all ages in Gauteng.
While busy with the stability of young people. The community benefits a lot it includes.

The increase of participation of youths in the communities by offering sporting programmes. Young people African girls and boys will be exposed to sporting codes such as skate boating and roller skating.

Extreme sports development program will be promoted so that the youth can relate and their minds to be far away from substance abuse. opportunity and awareness for the community.

Daily activities of the academy ensures that students are provided with first aid kit in skate parks. Tools are available at schools and skate parks, the premises is safe to use and programs are held to take the kids out of the streets.

Radical extreme sports tour and academy encourages young people to not do bad things.

According to Tshepo, he said that “ back in 2009 he have been working in various social development and business projects”. He combined skills and experience to radial extreme sports and academy to greater highs.

The youth needs programs to grow. The radical extreme and sports academy ensures that the townships have progress.
By: Unity Rambau