1. Personal Details 

I am Tyrone Havnar from Harare Zimbabwe and I’m a human rights activist, strategist and mentor with a focus on the plight of the youths and vulnerable communities in Zimbabwe.

I work with traditional, business, community, educational and religious leaders in Chegutu, 109km West of Harare.

2. Why Human rights activists ?

I’m driven by a passion stemming from a desire to see communities especially ones led by the young people emancipated from the shackles of limitations and poverty, to understand that hard work is the only key to unleash the potential inside each one of the youths I cross paths with.

I do what I do because, I feel in my heart it is the right thing to do to save someone from the comatose that poverty tags along with.

I do what I do from a simple conviction that one act of love can start a fire of ingenuity that strikes a new rennaisance in the young people to be masters of their destinies.

What I want to see happening is a community of freedom, a community of empowered people, a community that inspire the next generation to become more than what they are today and subsequently leave this world a better place than we found it.

3. People you look-up-to.

I look at the people I look to because they chose and dared to do the undoable, the people I look up to are those that were shunned, snubbed.

Made fun of but like a Phoenix rose up from the shackles placed on them to challenge the situations, to look fear in the eye and instead of running, chose to be warriors and made sure the next generation do not have to face what they faced.

4. Now and the future….

Successfully launched an organisation IROMHA,that foresees the lifes of Africans that are in great of need especially young children.

Established an online platform African Youth Network that helps in connecting Youth around the globe so they network and bring about great startups.

The forecast is mainly focused on achievements.
Twala a profit business that has seen many African men and women employed as temporary and permanent employees.

5. Educational background…. 

I studied business management and iam still studying.
I always get awarded certificates in business courses,a way to keep my mind sharp.

6. Motivation to the youth of Africa 

“Its rather better to work in accord than in discord.”
“We are only Total Together.”

7. Contact Details…..

By: Monti Montsha


  1. This awesome brother

    You are inspiration to many,, keep it up proud of your success.
    Evans Mutavi a pan Africanist, Africa is growing.
    Greetings from Republic of Kenya.