The residents of Soshanguve VV EXT 3, north of Pretoria, have issues with their bond houses under the developer  (Valumax), whom is not keen to help them resolve the matter nor meet with the community’s representatives to address the issues.

“We believe poor workmanship has been applied on the houses, nothing is pleasing with those houses and they (Valumax) are continuing as if all is well even if it isn’t”- said one of the community representative.

The list of things the community find to be wrong with the houses includes: cracks on walls, walls not bonded, lose and skew Windows frames, lose roof tiles, poor plumbing ( creating bad odour in the house), plastering on the walls coming off, leaking roofs, ceiling falling off, and when raining most houses get flooded due to the fact that they are not positioned properly.

” We might not have expertise to evaluate houses, but we can tell by look of eyes that something is not going accordingly. this houses doesn’t deserve the price tag attached to them” – community representative.

The community believe that they are treated unfairly by the developer, they added that if this issues are not attended to with immediate effect they will end-up being confranted with similar situations to  Protea Glen Soweto with houses falling.

By: Monti Montsha