Join Pioneer Women Magazine as they launch this brand new and exciting magazine on the 11th of May 2018 from 16:00pm until 20:00pm at M’Vuu Lodge Mookgopong in Limpopo. The theme for this event is pink and white. Tickets are sold at R250 (meals included). Remember to RSVP three days after receiving the invite. Make sure to be there.

*Pioneer Women Magazine background information.

This extravagant woman’s magazine is not only launching in May but it also has a special Mother’s Day celebration included that was specifically designed for all women who celebrate mother’s day.

Women are the main focus of this magazine. It was founded by Tshinanne Mushi who wanted to share the pioneer women forum information. This forum was first launched early last year and again in August 2017.

“We had inspiring information that I felt I had to share with other women who were unable to attend the forum but might be in need of the information we had in order to build themselves to become even better people,” Mushi said.

When asked why a magazine and not a television program or a radio station to share the forum, the talented Mushi said: “I found a magazine more reachable.” She added that it was something that was easy for her to discover as it allowed her to share with others.

With radio and television, the 38 year-old said that didn’t know anyone whom she could go to for an interview. At first, she initially thought that she could write a book, however, the thought of a magazine won her heart and so she went for that instead.

“While I was in the process of polishing the magazine idea, I was lucky enough to meet a young and inspiring journalist by the name of Kholofelo Teffo who was fresh from school at the time.” She discovered that Kholofelo was happy to see her work and wanted to refine it for excellence.

Although for now the magazine focuses on women only, “I intended to have a pioneer man forum as well but I believe it will eventually fall into place with time,” Tshinanne Mushi.

At the moment, they are using their own finance to cover the magazine. They have been trying to source finance but have been struggling.

“My vision is not just to inspire women and man only, but the youth as well” Tshinanne Mushi.
Join them at the launch or be told about it.

By: Faiza Stone