Ingredients: Oxtail stew
~tomato pasta
~knorr Mexican chilli con carrne mix packet
~salt and pepper
~ baby potatoes
~onions (diced)
~robot peppers (diced)
~baby marrow (thick chop)
~olive oil
~asparagus {lightly grill for 5 minutes, use as a garnish}

*on high heat, brown the onions until they are golden. Add the robot peppers.
*add in the oxtail, grill the skin until it has a nice browned color. Flavor with salt and pepper.
*cook the oxtail for an hour.
*add in the baby potatoes, baby marrows and mushrooms
*mix the chilli con carrne mix, tomato paste and some water into the stew and veggies.
* allow it to cook until the oxtail is tender.

Ingredients: rice and black beans
~can of black beans

*prepare and cook the rice
*drain the can of black beans of the liquid
*when the rice is almost done, add the black beans and allow to cook for 5 minutes
*serve with the stew