By Mogotladi Makgato
Mpumelelo Dlamini (22) shares her story about how she fought Anaemia unsuccessfully through medical attempts, until she retreated to diet change, which worked miraculously for her.

Anaemia is a condition in which one doesn’t have enough healthy red blood cells. Somehow it causes the human body to crave for soil. “Specifically doctors haven’t found out how come, but I can say it is natural.

Soil contains all that an Anaemic individual needs. But the problem is how to deposit the solid waste after your system has absorbed all the compounds needed from it”, said Dr.Kofi Ade Obery, a medical specialist.

Mpumelelo started having soil cravings at the age of five. She had since been in between supplements, soil and lots of medications attempting to fight Anaemia. It had since been a lifestyle for her till last year.

She would crave for it all the time, especially when it rains. ” I would go completely crazy and lose my head when it rains”, she said. She became so addicted to a point where she wouldn’t function without it when the cravings got her. ” If I crave for a long time without feeding I would shake like crazy”, she explained.

Being Anaemic didn’t challenge her diet only but also her menstrual cycle. She had abnormal menstrual flow from the age of 14. “I would go on my periods for about two months”, she said. In order to stop the bleeding she had to go see a doctor, take medication then the bleeding would stop.

That wasn’t helpful either since the medication would only help for that time being. ” I had been on different medications which lasted for a while. I had to take medication for my entire life”, she explained. Without taking medication her bleeding continued. It was somewhat chronic. No cure just treatment for that time being.

After many years of struggle she got an advise from a friend who suggested change of diet instead of medication. “I started eating greens, drinking greens and eating lots of liver”, she said. Which worked magic for her.

Feeding on food with lots of iron drastically stopped the cravings. She craves for soil no more and she has been having normal menstrual flow. She hasn’t been to a doctor for a year now.

At times the problem is in what we eat. Enquire with different doctors. Make your own research before coming to a conclusion.