Radio host & DJ, Moeti “Mo Flava” Tsiki with actor and musician, Anga “NaakMusiQ” Makubalo in support of the #NoExcuse movement.

As human rights advocates and individuals partake in the annual international campaign against gender-based violence, which kicked off on the 25th of November 2019, Carling Black Label’s ground-breaking five-year initiative aimed at driving progressive change amongst South African men in an effort to put an end to gender-based violence has challenged corporates and all men to join forces and take real action.

The movement has had a highly impactful two years of influencing South African men with a powerful on-the-ground program called Champions for Change (C4C)). The Champions for Change programme equips, inspires and mobilises men to stand against gender-based violence (GBV), and build a safer, better world by using their strength to love, serve, protect and provide.

The programme is based on the conviction that there is never an excuse for gender-based violence and because GBV is overwhelmingly perpetrated by men, we believe that the fight against it must be driven by men. Furthermore, the C4C programme uses a variety of structured interventions to teach and promote positive masculinity by engaging men of all ages, throughout South Africa, in transformational activities and conversations. The programme was piloted in 2018 and in the first 18 months impacted over 34,000 participants.

In 2019 the movement strengthened its advocacy efforts by introducing an internal policy by mobilizing within the brand and recognizing that ABInBev internal employees may be victims or even perpetrators of Gender-Based Violence. “The Domestic Violence Policy aims to contribute to a work environment where victims can feel safe, report confidentially and seek support when experiencing or recovering from domestic violence.” said Carling Black Label Brand Director, Grant Pereira. “ABInBev’s core commitment is to provide safety and support for victims of domestic violence, and to mitigate the impact it has on the corporates employees.” Pereira concluded.


The #NoExcuse movement has been endorsed by influential figures such as radio host and music DJ, Moeti “Mo Flava” Tsiki; musician and actor, Anga “NaakMusiq” Makubalo as well as sports personalities Andile Ncube and Thomas Mlambo. Makubalo highlighted the responsibility public figures had in influencing society positively and how men need to come together to end gender-based violence: “As influential figures, we play an important role in educating others. We have to take the necessary steps, make the change and encourage one another, as brothers, to do the right thing.” he said.

“In many instances, men know what the next man or colleague is doing, and one of the #NoExcuse virtues is that we should take a stand, even against your friend or colleague and encourage each other to do right by our women.” Makubalo added.

Tsiki echoed the musician’s words and emphasised that men needed support structures such as #NoExcuse: “Another major factor, are the conversations which we are having with one another as men. If your friend tells you that he beat-up his partner, men usually turn a blind eye – we do not have the relevant conversations about such behaviour which perpetuates GBV.

As brothers, we need to be able to take a stand and have these much-needed conversations” he said.

“#NoExcuse is important to me because men are afraid of speaking out and expressing themselves. We need to speak amongst each other as men and to the youth. If we do not deal with our emotions, we will find ourselves using our “masculinity” negatively.” concluded Tsiki.

Corporates are urged to sponsor a Champions for Change program by visiting the website or to adopt the Domestic Violence policy, send an email to Liza De Koning at

Champion men can also visit the #NoExcuse website for more information on the movement.