Karabo Ramashilo aka (also known as) Rhymsta Macho, is a a Hip Hop artist from a village just outside Turfloop called Mentz

Rhymsta’s love for Hip Hop music comes way back. From as early as grade 6 Karabo started embracing the Hip Hop lifestyle.

When given a dance projects to represent a cultutre, him and his classmates chose the Hip Hop culture, thats when he realised the passion for this culture.

Rhymsta¬† who is about to release his Hit single “Numbers” is not only about music, He initiated a movement called the hunger movement whereby he motivates and encourages people not only through his music but also through his social media handles, by posting inspiratonal messages and pictures potraying the hunger that he has for success..

The hit single “Numbers” will be out on the 25th of May on online platforms such as: Deezer, Google play and itunes.

Numbers is his second hit single to be released following his first single “Back to the hood” which was produced by Shuffle Beatz.

By: Setepu Brandon Mokaba