The vivacious Alison Pool breaks the conspiracy of silence about women sexual health. The out spoken dynamic 19 year old from California reaches out to fellow women around the globe using social media, hence it is difficult for some to engage in sexual health talk physically.

She realized that “some women don’t know lot of things about the vagina because it isn’t talked about; they are embarrassed and might not have anyone to ask.” She explains that lack of knowledge led to her getting yeast infections.

She then took that time to educate herself more about the vagina. Learning the information she acquired from trusted sites and the gynecologist, she then thought of sharing the information online.

Which lead to her creation of The Girl Guide Facebook page. Group members express themselves, ask for advices and share information.

Miss Pool highlights that she didn’t know she was doing something wrong to her body “ until I kept getting yeast infections”. She then realized it is time to be worried and concerned about her body.

Vaginal yeast is a result of pH imbalance. Menstrual blood, douching, unprotected sex and antibiotics are some causes of pH imbalance.

Stephanie Watson in her medical review states that ”Menstrual blood is a little bit basic and raises the pH in the vagina.

When that blood flows through the vagina and is absorbed into a tampon or pad and sits in place, it can raise the pH level of the vagina.” Wearing lots of tight clothes and panty liners all day long can also mess up pH balance.

“ Let your vagina breath”, alerts Alison. It doesn’t need you to help clean it by applying creams or perfumes. The vagina is a flowing stream that cleans itself.

Wash only the outside of your vagina with mild water and soap. Wear comfortable cotton panties, wipe your vagina from the front going back towards the anus, and change your pad regularly. Pee every time after sex.

If you’re concerned about your vaginal odor and discharge go see a gynecologist for help. Don’t self-medicate.

By: Mogotladi Makgato