On the 15th October 2020 the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighter’s Julius Malema spoke to Xoli Mngambi on AM newsfeed to talk about Senekal Court case following corruption in Democratic South Africa.
According to Julius Malema “there’s no similarities against a stone and a fire arm.”

The black community never stormed the court of Law. In the absence of the Court there will not be anyone suitable to protect the Constitution, he says.

The EFF will go to Senekal peacefully no violence prohibited, the aim is to defend the people and the police. According to Malema no one is a step child in South Africa.

“As the Leader I’ll be leading from the front, he said that.” We’re not scared of retired soldiers white farmers who are former generals.

The EEF’s part in all this Is to put racists in their own places. Xoli Mngambi continued to ask a follow up question will the EFF go to Senekal on Friday armed? Malema Replied our strategy is self-defence no member of the EFF will go there armed.

By: Unity Rambau