Fellow South African are very angry at the government for preparing land for burial and death at a capacity of 1 million graves, but not for life and the living. According to members of the public you are better dead to the government than alive.

How can they dish 1 million graves with so much speed, yet we all did see a landless black man being violently evicted from land, worse he was naked at the time.

Government since the beginning of the pandemic they’ve been publicly saying they are in the business, and well informed on saving lives, while they are preparing for the dead.

It turns out that It’s easy for our government to dig a whole than to Set up a working health System, on the other hand our government hospitals have been in a bad state for years people have been without beds in hospitals suddenly there’s a corona there’s beds?

How do you prepare for death like this? how can they be so sure that people will die ? Are they killing us?

Hospitals are full , you are sending kids to school at the highest peak of covid19 then you are digging Graves. 1 million graves while the whole world deaths are not even close to that.

By: Monti Montsha