The first time it happened I was 12/13 years old,second time I was 15/16 years old, the third time was a month ago.

I remember a stranger walking into my home, asking for a glass of water and I was just thought of him as an elderly peason who is thirsty.

I respectfully gave him a glass of water and within a split second he grabbed me,pushed me down on the coach and I some-how couldn’t scream because i was shocked, and scared but I tried fighting him so hard.

He them heard people walking by and I said “if you dont stop I will scream.”, I felt unsafe and so dirty,wondering how can a stranger walk in my home and assume they can do something of such a kind to me.

The second time it was a guy whom happened to be asking me out and I repeatedly rejected him, though he thought he had some sort of authority on me.

Again I fought and was not raped, but on the third incident,It was not of a stranger but someone ,I did know, even to this day he doesnt shy to drive past me and not even say im sorry.

I was sexually harassed three times in my life.It lead to my first suicidal attempt,one made me hate men at some point and the other made me want to do something I might regret because i believed it was unfair.

I couldn’t open a case for them, “so as for justice,” that I will never get, but daily i have to learn to forgive them.

I’m speaking out because there were many attempts my direction.
‘It’s never your fault, they decided to force themselves on you.’