Modupe Madiba

Born in Polokwane, from Ga-Mashashane Pergecious Modupe Madiba started his music career at a young age. At 8 years old that’s were the interest of his journey of music began.
Modupe’s interest in music began in 1998, his stage name is known as Lil Rain. He was born when it was raining that’s what the name came about.

At the age of 16 he released his first song called ‘just life’. Back in primary school he started performing for the school mates, again in high school continued to master the talent. Modupe said that ‘’he recorded his mixtape in high school’’.
Over the years in order for Modupe to be known locally he then performed in different schools, gigs and parks. The main genre of his music is Hip-hop, which reflects on telling a story through rhyming.

Locally his favourite artist is AKA, who he truly love both personally and musically, one day he hopes they do a collaboration (with AKA). The artist describes his music as a reality because of the things that are happening around him.

The message for the upcoming generation is ‘’never let yourself down just be yourself ‘’that’s what he said .Modupe expressed himself because the youth of today is exposed to a lot of influential stuff especially the upcoming generation. Those words mean a lot to him.

The (27) year old has truly been working on the other hand, a hip hop artist turned into a business man. What is important is being your own boss Modupe is currently running his own printing business which is situated in Pretoria Central. The business is a stepping stone of success.

Modupe didn’t give up on his dream and purpose through music he tells a story, through his printing business he gains commission.

Modupe says that ‘’the south African music industry is growing and the competition is highly super perfect.’’ Artists are now collaborating which is what we need in South Africa because we are one, Africa should know that we are all in this together music unite people in many different ways.

The young boy had a dream, now he has grown to be a man who fulfilled his passion for music and business. His story will encourage the upcoming generation.

BY: Unity Rambau