The Daily Mint is an online platform that will provide exclusive and up to date information and news to all of its readers. The platform will be uncensored and will provide news that is accurate and honest says Minty.

Zareef was speaking at the University of Pretoria last night stating that if we are not careful biased media and fake news will make us hate our heroes and celebrate the evil.

He said, “I have created a platform that will revolutionize the space, a platform that will add something different to the conventional space of online news websites and apps.

I have identified a way to ensure that over 500 000 people get to add on to the database every 6 months. This platform will change the mindsets of our youth and inspire thousands of people daily. I am excited.”

Zareef is the winner of SABC 1’s One Day Leader Season 4 and also a Mail and Guardian Top 200 Young South African. Zareef is better known as the author of the best selling book EMPIRE.

When asked about his plans for the future, Minty says “I want to have some form of dominion over the media space, it will take a few years but with hard work and persistence anything can happen.”