It was with grateful hearts and absolute excitement that we counted down the month of July awaiting it to come to an end not because there are no good things that happened or exciting events but simply because we were looking forward to the best time of the year and great season were women are celebrated for who they are and their incredible skills.

This time of the year the grass is recovering, the flowers are blossoming and the weather conditions are absolutely better, a true reflection of a woman and what they are capable of regardless of the storms around them, the cold in their lives and day to day challenges they still find a way of getting back on their fit and take care of their families with or without their husbands around them.

09, August marks a very important day in the lives of women bearing in mind what happened on this day in 1956, women marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to protest against a law requiring black women to carry passes.

it is that reason this day is very important because this does not only celebrate women, but also serves as a reminder of the contribution made by women to society and to acknowledge the difficulties and prejudices many women still face.

It is unfortunate that there are still women out there who face day to day abuse for standing up for themselves, their children and being treated with disrespect in their workplace for being a woman and being in power.

Up to 10 thousand women everyday report crimes of being assaulted sexually, harassed and regardless of them reporting their perpetuators continue to live in peace and continue with their lives as if nothing happened, leaving them bruised and fearing for their lives.

Beyond anything else: women need to start embracing each other , building each other , being there for each other more for us to grow , be united and learn , simply because one will find that what they are going through is the same challenge that the other women are going through and by engaging , giving each other a chance we can grow , and be able to come out alive in whatever that you are going through and help the next generation of women who look up to the older ones to fight for what is right , beneficial not only for themselves but the entire society for it can only be a united nation that can , will and would conquer the challenges of the nation , but also understand who they are , their worth and what they can do.

So as we start this beautiful month let us keep our heads high, be certain of the existence of women and encourage their success beyond their flaws. And like the old proverb says
“Wathinta abafazi wathinta imbokonto “.

By: Samkelisiwe Tiisetso Masina