•Virgin olive oil
•2 full onion (rings)
•Lemon zest
•5ml of sugar
•5ml cayenne pepper
•15m crushed garlic
•15 ml of mixed herbs
•5ml onion powder
•Pinch of Himalayan salt
•5ml of paprika
•5ml ground turmeric (with ginger and orange notes)
•Worcester Sauce
•Bushveld sauce

Boil for 30 minutes to get rid of excess blood.

Pour a bit of virgin olive oil in a pot, 2 full onion (rings), lemon zest, 5ml of sugar, 5ml of cayenne pepper, 15ml crushed garlic, 15 ml of mixed herbs, 5ml onion powder, pinch of Himalayan salt, 5ml of paprika, 5ml ground turmeric (with ginger and orange notes),Worcester Sauce and bushveld sauce.

Fry until the oxtail is golden brown and the onions are translucent.

Then slow cook for 3 hours in a baking dish covered with foil/ use a slow cooker pot, in the last hour add baby potatoes, baby marrows and diced carrots then serve when the veggies are soft (you can use veggies of your choice).

(Depending on the mood, you can replace the slow cooking water with 500ml of dry red wine)


• Ground Turmeric (i.e. for the color and unique taste)
• Mixed herbs


Cook your Samp until it’s soft then add 5ml of turmeric and a pinch of mixed herbs for the fresh taste. Then add half a cup of milk for the creamy sensational taste, allow to settle for 5 minutes and then serve.

*5ml = Teaspoon
*15ml = Tablespoon