Minister of Police, Bheki Cele will tonight be answering the question, of whether fellow South Africans are adhering to the lockdown regulations, on the popular media prodcasting channel at 20:05.

Police minister Bheki Cele, is expected to brake down his published new data showing that over 270, 000 people have paid admission of guilt fines for breaching the country’s lockdown regulations.

Another matter he will be focusing on is the Concern raised about the number of people being kept in country’s already overcrowded jails as remand detainees because they are not able to afford admission of guilt fines or bail – even though the offences for which they were arrested are very minor.

Again Cele will touch on the reinstatement of the sale of liquor, and also go deeper proving his findings on how alcohol contribute to non-compliance due to behavioural changes when people are intoxicated.

In the past month Cele claimed that, the numbers had been increasing at an uncomfortable high rate, for contraventions that included liquor and tobacco-related offenses, as well as illegal gatherings amongst others.

By: Monti Montsha