The book mainly focuses on the *Law of Attraction* (What you focus on, what you emote about, is what you draw into your life. What you believe will happen in your life).

*Generalization review*
The book introduced the concept that your thoughts may influence not only your actions but also the experiences that your thoughts bring into your life.


If you focus your attention on achieving what is in the business plan and believe not only that you can do it, but that you already have done it, you can achieve it if you set your mind to it remember it all start in the mind.

Like If you focus on what you don’t want, you are inadvertently drawing that into your life.

This reminds me of a quote I once came across on the internet that “we become what we think”- Barbara Cartland.

*Reality check*

The book fossilized the fact that what is between people and achieving their goals is their thinking/ the way they think and do things.

The secret encourages people to really visualize their goals clearly in order to attract what they want.

It points out that it’s not always a straight line between where you are and where you want to go, and we can’t always detect when things will turn around, but perseverance and a belief in oneself is key.

**Personal relevant episode*

A wide man once mensioned something to me that i happened to come accross in the book that “the law of attraction brings positive things into our lives.”

What we attract depends on where and how we focus our attention, (this was when he was addressing the issue of people focusing on wrong and usesless things, and not look and think around the bigger picture and what comes with it).


The book teaches us that by focusing on attaining a new reality, and by believing it is possible, we tend to take more risks, notice more opportunities, and open ourselves up to new possibilities. ( Steve Jobs and Richard Branson are good examples when it comes to this part of the book).

*Over view*/ *Conclusion*

When you believe you don’t deserve good things, you behave in ways that sabotage your opportunities and possibilities to major things.

Simply by thinking positively and changing the negative self-talk we can successfully reverse the negative patterns in our lives and create more positive, productive and healthy ones.

One good thing leads to another, and the direction of a life can shift from a downward slop to an upward slop.


All above is my understanding of the book, I selected the book The Secret from my collections, because it did hit home, all in the book where like hand to the clove to almost everything business life is teaching me in the direction of mindset change.

By: Monti Montsha