Dr Patrice Motsepe outlines his plans for his bid – CAF

Mamelodi Sundowns President Dr Patrice Motsepe, this morning at the Sandton convention center, publicly outlined his plans for his bid to win the CAF Presidential race at the Elective Congress in Rabat Morocco in March."´╗┐Our relationships with the continent is vital, we got the world cup because of it."- Said Patrice Motsepe"We are one people in Africa, these boarders are artificial." - He added."If SA is elected we will not move headquarters to Johannesburg."-Patrice Motsepe said jokingly.On top of the list of Mr Motsepe's plans is to use sports to unit all of our people in the continent, and also work closely with his competitors to pursue a common goal.He said that it took several attempts to persuade for him to run for CAF Presidency and he thinks now is the perfect time for him to do just that."The test for me will be the result in African football in four years."Motsepe made it very clear that the tragedy of African clubs and countries is not realizing the need to see greater value for money in football.Dr Motsepe towards the end of his address promise to visit all African countries in the next 11 months to sit down with the leadership of football in each country and hear their plans about the future of football in the continent.One of his plans which is believed to improve the standards of football in the continent is to increase the price money for football in the African continent, and also to restructure the CAF cup of nations in the next two years.By: Monti Montsha