Bushiri Blames South Africa for the passing of his daughter

Shepherd Bushiri today in a public press conference said that, one of the cause to her daughter's death, is that she became victim to the allegations they have been suffering as a family from South Africa. 

Below is the link to the public announcement: source Twitter: https://twitter.com/i/status/1376495275204730882

Bushiri's daughter Israella has passed away in Kenya at the age of eight. She had been receiving medical treatment in Kenya for a lung infection since February.

On the outside of the fence despite all allegations and enmity, South Africans on the internet are sending their condolences in the spirit and believe that 'children should be left out of their parent's mistakes and never be persecuted at all. 

"My prayers are with Shepherd and Marry Bushiri." one of the tweets of condolences. 

"I don't condone the things bushiri did to south Africans but eish loosing a child is soo sad as a mother I can't celebrate this, it's painful......." - 06_02_2020 on Twitter. 

Bushiri's daughter (Israella) made headlines last month after she was denied an opportunity to travel across boarder on time for urgent medical attention by the Malawian government –which Bushiri in the announcement said that her life would have been spared if she had travelled on time according to the what the doctor said to him.

By: Monti Montsha