Death is something that is waiting for all of us and as much as we know that we cannot run away from it that does not mean that we should wait for that moment where we lose someone for us to show our love and impact people have on our lives.
South Africa is losing legendary and veteran stars that not only entertained us but also educated us in all aspects of life, for instance the late Bra Hugh made it his mission that black people do not forget their roots and he did that through music.
Also the late Sandy Mokwena not only inspired young writers to find their passion in the Journalism and Media industry but he made acting seem so easy and enjoyable inspiring young stars in the making to work hard each and every day.
We were not showing that much interest in how important they are in our lives, we wait till they are gone for us to share the amount of impact and warmth they bring into our lives.
We start uploading pictures, write messages or even create videos on social media pouring our hearts out and sharing our favourite moments forgetting that they will not be able to see those sweet messages.
Let us show appreciation to our stars while they are still alive, show them the impact they have, the warmth they bring on our living rooms each and every day and most importantly thank them for the effort they put in when it comes to entertaining us.
Each and every day so that even when they take their last breath they know that they left a mark that cannot be erased.
By: Sphiwe Charity Dhladhla