If our late great African leaders where to rise from the dead, they will be confronted with the Africa whose young man and woman have no interest and low love for their continent, they will be confronted with an Africa whose young man and women are constantly humiliated at embassies of European countries and the united states of America, as they seek the almighty green card.

They will be confronted by the Africa where young man and woman drown in the Mediterranean as they seek to be enslaved in the European countries, this time around Africans are not wailing and kicking as they are been taken away to be enslaved but they are been seen wailing and kicking as they seeking to be enslaved in European and America.

They will be confronted with an Africa where people have lost their self pride, an Africa where Africans are not proud of their things even food have foreign names, where when we fry potatoes we call them French fries even if they are fried in Ghana or Mozambique.

They will be confronted with an Africa that doesn’t tell her story, an Africa whose stories are been told by Europe and America the CNN, Al Jazeera investigates and BBC.

They will be confronted with the Africa where young man and woman who have no pride in Africa when they want to enjoy themselves they sing the praises of football teams of Europe and America it is Manchester united, Barcelona Manchester city not Polokwane city, FC leopard or Olando pirates.

They will be confronted with the Africa that doesn’t enjoy its theatre and drama, the will be confronted with Africa that celebrate Leonardo Decaprio, Brat Pitt, Sylvester stallone. The Africa that doesn’t celebrate the likes of Sello Maake-Ka-Nchube, Tumisho Masha, John Okafor (Mr Ibu) and Rita Dominic, the Africa that celebrate Hollywood than our own local wood.

The reason why we should remind ourselves of these realities it is because throughout the ages the battle has always been the battle of the mind, if your mind is conquered then you are not going anywhere.

That is why in the ages of the enlightenment in Europe the great French philosopher and mathemation Rene Descartes said “Cagito ergo sum” translated into English as (I think therefore I am), and therefore if Africans are to begin to matter contribution in their affairs Africans must begin to think, the question is are we thinking? We have universities across the continent, we have engineers, but our roads are not made by African engineers, it is the Europeans who are making our roads, so we have engineers who cannot even make roads and we have doctors but when we are sick depending on how deep our pockets are we run to the Europeans, because we do not have faith in our own doctors.

In the area of education we also don’t have faith, our political class introduced what we call the free education system but is free indeed free of knowledge.

That is why typical African leader would not dare take their kids to those institutions; their children will be educated in a different and better system because they know the agenda is wrong.

We contribute to our own misfortune because when we are given a chance to elect leaders we elect thieves misleaders not leaders.

By: Monti Montsha