If you allow me a little room for maneuver I will remember nostalgically my very young days in my rural village, when a level of agriculture on my inspection was on average than it is today. People could walk to the backward to get maize or the farming fields that, where created if not premeditated around local farming.

People could till their kitchen garden to satisfy their domestic need, people could till their land without the use of fertilizer and in many ways they could get hills that would satisfy them, and something to take to the market to cater for other needs. If you visit many rural villages today there is some sense that we became prisoners of doing things in a new way, kids are dispatched to the nearest shops to go buy Sphatlo (fast food) to quest their hunger.

Why is it in so many years of political independence we have not been able to conquer the problem of greening Africa and making Africa self sufficient in the area of food production. As we speak none of an African country can seat on a dinner table of civilization and say we proud ourselves for feeding ourselves. We use to blame the project of colonialism for not allowing us to own land, but why even after the political independence we still can’t feed ourselves.

Africa is known to be always on their knees begging food from other civilizations. The time is now on our time and generation that this must come to a stop without more ado. Why is it that for Africa to stop asking over and begging, is like how impossible it is to find snow in hell?

We should be producing more agriculture graduates than office admin graduates. This reminds me of one of the ministers of agriculture years ago in south Africa claiming that he is doing a good job of producing 90% percent rate at universities on agriculture graduate, but my question was why that 90% percent cannot feed 40% of South Africans extensively the question can again be, why can’t the 90% solve the un employment rate we suffer in the country (South Africa).

We must stop crying land back as if land is the solution; the solution is if we equipped our young Man and Woman with skills before we can corrupt them with ideas of how land was stolen from us. History has proven words without numbers that if we take land forcefully without skills, what happened to Zimbabwe will happen to the rest of the continent.
“Africa can never realize her agenda 2063, if we don’t have anything to contribute in the direction.”- Monti Montsha

BY: Monti Montsha