Saturday, 29 August 2020, ‘the dialog is over is time for action’ all eyes are on the Launch of new political Party by former Johannesburg Mayor Mr Herman Mashaba.

Mr Mashaba is notoriously know for running a successful business which he started at the age of 22, by the name “Black Like Me.”

The party is reported to have reached 60,000 volunteers countywide, who stand on a common ground that they are tired of corruption the current government is exposing.

I joined the Region F, Ward 58 in Mayfair Baptist church,Crosby (Johannesburg), for the party launch, where volunteers gathered and excitedly engage, Digitally via Social media, Conference Videos and Community drive.

The main event of the programme was a touching speech by Mr Mashaba via Live Video streaming, setting out the values, direction, and electoral objectives of the new party. The party unveiled its new name and identity “Action SA.”

“My grandfather once told me to not listen to what people say but what they do.”- Mr Herman Mashaba

The programme included jam packed of prominent political analysts, musicians, and endorsements from high-profile South Africans.

By: Monti Montsha