South Africa is a country where freedom of expression is taken seriously, where artists from all walks of life have the liberty to produce artwork that inspires and brings warmth to the heart, and over the past years more and more people find their voices by telling their stories through art.

Tshepo Lephallo is a 20 year old artist born in Matatiele, Eastern Cape, who is setting an example that art comes from within and in doing so he has mastered his talent through hard work and patience.

“I have always enjoyed drawing from a young age and my father would encourage me to draw more often by giving me pictures of different people to draw.”

Motivated by his father, Tshepo was able to do a sketch of Nelson Mandela for the 67 minutes call to action that celebrates the idea that each individual has the power to transform the world, (The Mandela Day campaign), which gave him the opportunity to meet other artists at their themed art gallery and was given advice on how to improve more on his craft.

“Surround yourself with a support system, work on your signature style, think outside the box, be creative and market yourself on social media.”

As an artist it is important to have people who push you to do better and learn more, Tshepo looks up on Lionel Smit, Enock who is a self-taught artist, Miguel Jacobs and Anele Tosho.

Tshepo Lephallo hopes to enter the Rust en Vrede portrait competition and in future host his own solo exhibition. “I would like to own my own gallery where I can exhibit underground artists and allow them the opportunity to get exposure.”

Quiz questions
1. If you were to be a colour, what colour would you choose and why?
Blue, very calm and relaxed colour, represents my persona I am very calm and collected

2. Between a pencil and brush, what do you prefer?
A pencil, it is much easier to control.

3. Besides being an artist what other talent do you have?
I am an okay dancer and I am very good at impersonations and accents

4. Who is your favourite artist?
Lionel Smit

5. Mention something you love doing but you are not good at it?
I love singing but unfortunately my voice is a bit off.

By: Charity Dhladhla