On Thursday, the University of Pretoria (Tuks)revealed that, after much consideration, it would phase out Afrikaans as one of its mediums of instruction.

“It’s aimed at facilitating social cohesion on the campus. We will continue to encourage multilingualism to foster unity and provide equal opportunities for students of all South African languages.

We encourage the practice of assisting students in their home language where possible,” Tuks’ Rikus

Tito Mboweni, reacting to the news, took to Twitter to voice out his concerns with the move, fearing that it would diminish the language and have a serious impact in the future.

In his own words, Mboweni tweeted, “you will regret it in 30 years’ time.”

Afriforum labelled the decision as “worrisome”. They believe that removing Afrikaans from teaching will lead to a less socially cohesive environment on campus.

Alana Bailey is the Deputy CEO of AfriForum responsible for language affairs, and she believes the dignity of native speakers “is being impaired”.

By: Monti Montsha