Born and raised in the Eastern Cape. The three brothers Senzosakhe, Sinovuyo and Lalama come from the East London Tyholomnqa. Ntsindiso is from Mbizane, all of them are currently based in Mamelodi east also Daveyton. They are exploring the side of Gauteng.

Uncuthu the firm Africa is a music band with four brothers, they represent their music in acapella. Their Genre is more of afro soul mixed with the rhythm of a jazzy sound.

The band does feature instrumental bands from time to time. The way they express themselves, music is a reflection of reality, Uncuthu tells a story to the audience, and this way people will know and understand the different songs they perform.

The brothers started singing at schools, churches, weddings and pubs. Individually they created their own path in order for them to get recognition in the public eye. In 2015 they formed a group called Uncuthu the firm Africa. Uncuthu is a Xhosa word that means (something sounds nice or taste nice. “The firm in Africa it polishes the rough diamond they said.”

Along their journey the group managed to perform on stage with the big names, which have been in the music industry for such a long time. Mr Mzwakhe Mbuli is one of the South Africa’s well-known poets; Uncuthu recorded a song with Mzwakhe, dedicating it to the women who have been abused. Not only did they collaborate with Mzwakhe they performed along with Ntsiki Mazwai on stage, that’s how they got the platform as they attracted more audiences.

The interesting part about the group is that they attract people with their attire. The clothing is more of an African touch in it. Their designs have an element of being creative in a way that represents their style. Being an African means above and beyond to them as they tells a story.

Uncuthu the firm is different to the music that people are used to, majority of people are trying to find their way in knowing who they are, where they come from and where they are going. The group is playing a huge role in the music industry as more and more people want to explore especially with culture and language.

The group is still performing in gigs, to raise funds so that they make an album soon.

The Eastern Cape is a rural area, that didn’t stop the Uncuthu not to step in their comfort zone and starting new things. It all starts with one idea then at the end that idea becomes successful. Uncuthu is on the right direction perseverance and dedication will make them go far.

By:Unity Rambau