We are given an opportunity to govern ourselves as African, but day by day we proving the stereotypic statements/personal prophecies of people such as P.W Botha that we are incapable.

Today many African leaders without being diplomatic about it are thieves, many African leaders are famous for what is not right, and many African systems are the government of the list qualified.

Many African countries are government where thieves come together and have conspired to do only one thing to run their countries dry.

If the leader of Africa are guilty, I want to submit to you that, if the leaders are guilty we the population are also in equal guilt, because whenever we given opportunity to engage in elections, we elect individual on the basis of their ethnic extractions and the size of their pockets, the question is should we be allowed to even vote?

The man and woman we entrust with leadership are the once ill-suited for leadership, PLO Lumumba always say “how can Africa periodically allow hyenas to take care of goats, it is in the nature of hyenas to consume goats when our leaders do that are surprised.”

We have power as the people to vote, we have an opportunity to make what it right, but we typical Africans, is in our nature as to never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Each one of us has an opportunity to change Africa but corruption illuminates that opportunity. The problem with Africa is that we hang the small thieves and opt for big thieves and elect them to the public office, we call them in different names economical crime (NO) they are thieves, is time we call a thing a thing to save our nations.

I’m calling out to you my brothers and sisters to help our Africa, the little that you can do is enough gradually we will win the battle; this should be like a relay race working together for Africa.

Those who must theorise from the arm chair, those who must verbalise, those who must sees the spirit, those who must begin the movement and those who must implement. It is the same even in agriculture, those who plant the seed must allow others to water it and those who water it must allow those who will prune it and those who will enjoy the shades are different.

Each one of us has a duty and a chance to change Africa, it is this time we Africans as goat masters should realise that the goats are missing and we Must do something about it for humanity change.

By: Monti Montsha