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Lee’s Fashion Influencing Journey

Troy Harry Lee (45) started his fashion influencing journey using his smartphone, where he runs guest houses and a dog hair salon. During  lockdown he saw his businesses taking a hit to the edge of collapse.

Lee opened  up a store called JX Connection which sell accessories, and formal clothes.  He makes a living out of social media influences and also encourages people  to wear right clothes as they are the brand for themselves.

“People judge you from the second  they see you whether it is for job interview  or for looking at a partner of your dreams” Lee said.

People  are already in love with the JX connection  content on Instagram and also recommend it. Lee is also a retired fashion photographer and due to his love for fashion, he established his own.


He further states “my wife used to be a  model, I had not shot anything  in about two years, business was terrible and owning and running a guesthouse was a scary business. That’s when my wife suggested that we start taking pictures  for Instagram”

As a very visual and creative individual, Lee is now well known for posting pictures of his wife on TickTok, Twitter and Instagram in dresses of different brands that he promotes and due to his popularity now have about 12 million  views on TickTok.

By: Rameetse Jennifer

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