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Tembisa Strike Takes Lives

Tembisa has been under fire since the beginning of residents’ strike for service delivery. It has been reported that the angry residents shut down Tembisa after Mayor Tania Campbell failed to attend a community meeting on Friday the 29th of July 2022.

A recent report states that the Police have allegedly shot dead at least two people after protesters demanded to pay a flat rate for electricity.

The second person was shot dead on Monday 1 August 2022 during a protest in Tembisa on Gauteng’s East Rand. Municipal offices have also been set alight.

Earlier on the death rate has risen to four and one Police Officer admits that he shot a protestor, where he states “Ek het hom geskiet (Yes. I shot him).”.


These words will forever ring in the head of a grieving Tembisa mother whose son was shot dead allegedly by an Ekurhuleni metro police officer during the violent protest that left four people dead.

Ekurhuleni Mayor Tania Campbell outlined that she believes  the protests in Tembisa that claimed four lives were orchestrated.

Scores of Tembisa residents have vowed to do everything in their power to make sure that their grievances over service delivery shortfalls were met. This is yet another struggle for service delivery in the democratic country.

By: Stan Kaunda Chauque

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