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Drip Founder Creates Employment

Lekau Sehoana (34) was born in Limpopo but grew up in Gauteng in Ivory Park. Lekau started his brand when he was 16 and that was when he did not afford shoes.

After his parents divorced, his unemployed mother had to make ends meet for him and his three siblings while living in a shack.

The award winning businessman and Drip sneakers  owner took to his Instagram  to announce  that he launched a store opening  for kids at Limpopo, Mall of the North named Kiddies Republic.

He employed 300 South Africans through his stores in the retail industry  in South Africa. He promises more job creation as a celebration of successful black entrepreneurship.

Lekau is a very talented individual who used to sew clothes  so that he could  provide for himself  and help his mother, as well as the siblings.


For casual days Lekau would rock the outfit he made for himself and people  loved them. That was the beginning  of DRIP.

People  loved  his outfits but sneakers stole the show, which is how the love for shoes started.

He started making sneakers  when he was in grade 12.  He has always dreamt of being an engineer as he studied  civil engineering at Ekurhuleni tvet College.

By: Rameetse Jennifer



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