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SenkuLive Shares Exclusive Projects and the ACCES 2021 Experience


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  • About the album

  • SenkuLive Shares Their Exciting Experience at ACCES 2021 Music Africa

  • Key take aways from the Conference

SenkuLive shares their journey and the reviving experience they had at the Music In Africa Conference for Collaborations (ACCES) held in Johannesburg at the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre and Constitutional Hill from 25-27 November 2021.

The Ghanaian live band delivered a stunning 15 minutes performance of their originals on 26 November 2021. They were later joined on stage by Worlasi. The duo has been working together for five years but SenkuLive is currently working on their solo projects and will be releasing early next year.

More From SenkuLive

NiiSanku Dromor (Isaac Dooo)- Keys and  band leader, Theophilus Kaye (Theo)- Drummer, Derrick Akoto Lamprey- Bass player, Knii- (Emmanuel Lantei Lamptey- Mills) found the band in 2016 and has never look back since. Chatting to North Magazine on 28 November 2021 the band said it is yet to deliver more live performances while promoting their album before releasing it.

As COVID-19 had us locked up SenkuLive said the market and hunger for live performances is enormous and positive. They also look forward to sharing their craft across the globe using the digital space. “We understand the new change, we are catching up and there is more coming from us,” said NiiSanku Dromor.


SenKuLive: Ahaban live performance 2021.

SenkuLive will be releasing their solo album and two singles early next year. ”Early 2022 we  are going to announce the date but just keep watching out on our social media platforms; Instagram especially. We gonna be posting an update to you guys on our upcoming singles; so definetly you gonna know when.  And also on our almost done website, we gonna put it out there.

Our Instagram is @SenkuLive. We will be dropping two singles before dropping the album, Dromor explained.”The band said they are transitioning from playing in the background to being independent but will continue working on more exciting collaborations with other artists. SenkuLive also worked with artists like Sway Dasafo and Manifest.

About the Album

Their album (currently untitled) will feature a cocktail of genres through live performance.  Their music production, Cina Soul’s Ojorley, became an award winning hit in Ghana.

The band also composed, The God and The Man Album, for VGMA nominated artists, Worlasi.  The message behind the album is that “everyone is a God and has the power to change the world,” added Mr Dromor.

Their music consists of old sounds infused with new sounds to form a repertoire that keep their audiences over the edge.  As the band transitions from playing in the background, it seeks to send a strong message that addresses societal issues, politics, love, people, and places.

“Looking at where we come from as Ghanaians, as Africans, and now meeting with the contemporary world or the Western world we set down and said okay let’s put our sound together, get sound from the Western world  and  then put them together so everybody around the world will enjoy our music, enjoy our sound.

Basically it is authentically African music, Western sound fused with contemporary sound. We are making messages to match cultures so people all over the world will enjoy what we are doing,” the Band Leader explained.

SenkuLive Shares Their Exciting Experience at ACCES 2021 Music Africa


SenkuLive: The band performs at ACCES 2021, Johannesburg.


In a quest to play their music across the globe, the Acra-based band made their way to South Africa to be part of the PAN-African leading business event organised by Music in Africa Foundation, in partnership with Reeperbahn Festival and Bassline Fest.


The fourth annual music event brought together global musician, superstars, music industry experts to exchange ideas, discover new talent and create collaborations.

“For me it has been exciting, it has been insightful, it’s been educative and entertaining.

We have learnt, we have made connections, we have enjoyed the experience; and you know for me this was one of the best experiences I have experienced, because of the kind of performance we did during the conference.

We have done several performances but this was different for me. Yeah!!! Everything has been good since day one,” NiiSanku ellaborated.

He further explained that playing to a different crowd made the experience to stand out. “We weren’t performing to our local audience or local crowd, this is a different crowd, a different audience and the way they received our music and performance made me feel something different.”

Key take aways from the Conference

He further added that the conference has opened them up to seeing the power of networking. “Network with people from different cultures has made us learn a lot. Because meeting people from different cultures with different perspectives, different ideas, different ways of doing things and coming together as one to project African music is felt great to me.

That was what we took home; that no matter where you’re coming from, you have to come together to focus on one goal and then project it.”   The band said it wishes African political leaders and government would invest more in the arts industry.

They explained that they need specific technologies found in Western countries in order to record new sounds. But without funds it becomes a challenge as those technologies run a little deeper in the pocket.

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By: Mogotladi Makgato

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