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Miss Bachelorette SA 2022 Semi-Finalist Matuka Determined To Bring The Crown Home to Limpopo.

Miss Bachelorette SA 2022 Semi-Finalist Matuka Determined To Bring The Crown Home to Limpopo.
I managed to squeeze myself in her busy schedule to have a little chat with her and this is what she had to say :
1. For someone who doesn’t know Matuka, Tell me a bit about Matuka, where she is from, her background?

I’m Matuka Rakabe 36 years of age. I Was born and bred in Segopje Ga-Mamabolo now residing in Gauteng. I’m a beauty Specialist by profession, an entrepreneur, Founder of O-montle Beauty specialist and Miss Bachelorette SA Semi Finalist 2022

2. Why Miss Bachelorette SA?
-For my personal growth which is networking, learning a lot from other women and also learning New skills( modelling ).I entered the pageant to create a memorable experience that I do believe will be beyond measure  in growing my social horizon, my career, understanding of women from diverse cultures and showing young women who are looking at me as their role model that you can do it.

3. Do Break it down for us what this whole Bachelorette movement is about, Are you hindered to date?
-Miss Bachelorette SA is a women empowerment project that is presented in a Pageant approach. Miss Bachelorette SA is aimed at empowering and recognising unmarried, mature and independent women through Philanthropy, fashion and beauty.

This is the only pageant in South Africa that focuses on Women between the age of 25-50 and the most beautiful thing about it is your physical appearance doesn’t matter, they say come as you are.

Miss Bachelorette main focus is to fight GBV and gives women the voice to fight GBV , inspires  and empowers young girls and women  to be emotionally and financially independent.

-We are not hindered to date , you can enter the pageant while involved and most importantly Miss Bachelorette SA is not In any way in saying women should not get married , what we they are  saying is when it  happens that you get married  it should not be  for the wrong reasons but  for the right reasons You must be emotionally and financially independent.


4. What inspired you to want to join and compete with other participants.

What it stands for :empowering & inspiring women through beauty and fashion since I have a background in both industry ,I’m very passionate about this  and would love to empower women out there about beauty and fashion i.

I also wanted to be part of a team of women Who build  and inspires each other, who encourage independence, self love and transformation without battling other women..

5. If you were to be in the President shoes for a week what would you change in RSA.

I would work on putting Strict policies and process more especially that protect women and young girls against GBV.I believe it is largely talked about but it is starting to  sound  like just a talk with no actions.

If we work on having safer country we are automatically tackling mental issues. Women and young girls are dealing with a lot of issues,and that contributes to a lot of mental health issues in our country

By: Setepu Brandon Mokaba

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