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Exclusive: Masoja Msiza on Responsible drinking and the release of his new Single

Masoja Msiza advice about responsible drinking

Masoja to release a new single with the Dual M

Mr Msiza touch on supporting each other through pain and practising spirituality

The brand ambassador of South Africa’s favourite vodka and Uzalo’s notorious gangster Masoja Msiza share advice about responsible drinking, spirituality and delivering music that will build the society during pain and trying times. The star also announced that he is dropping a single this Thursday.

In August Mzansi’s number one drama series partnered with Smirnoff following the revamp and upgrade of KwaNjomane into the brand-new sizzling VIP lounge.

The show will take the audience through a journey that does not only highlight enjoyment but also educates them on responsible drinking. Chatting to North Magazine on Wednesday Uzalo’s Nkunzi said that viewers should look forward to more Smirnoff flavours at his lounge.

Although an alcohol brand might come across as a bad influence, we all love entertainment and practising responsible drinking is essential. He said that the aim is not to influence people to be reckless.

He recalled watching James Bond drink Smirnoff while growing up but that didn’t make him get out of the way and be reckless when it comes to drinking. “Drink responsibly. If you travel use Uber or a meter taxi, don’t drink and walk. The under 18 must just abstain, their time will come. Even when having fun at the VVIP Lounge, don’t go over the limit.”


Touching on him leaving the show, Mr Msiza said it’s just rumours spread by people trying to bring him down and take away the joy of his fans, “you know in the industry rumours will always be there.”

As some might know his talent runs beyond acting, Masoja is a well-renowned poet and singer. He announced that he will be dropping a single on 16 September 2021 titled Nkosi.

He will be featuring Gifted Of God from Ntuzuma and The Dual M: Mxolisi Khoza and Mduduzi Dube from Inanda. Together with the Accapella singers, the Uzalo’s star put together an afro-pop album that will be released in March 2022.

With this music offering Masoja wants people to put spirituality first and always know that God is always there; even during these trying times where pain and poverty have invaded livelihoods. “In God we are one family.

When one is affected directly, we are all affected indirectly. But this too shall pass. It is possible with God. There’s no winter that will last forever, spring will surely come.”

Although he plays a role of a dangerous gangster, he is a public figure that cares for the people. He uses poetry and music to tackle social issues while encouraging the masses.  Last year Mr Msiza and former Uzalo casts released a song titled I AM A Father.

The song which speaks about the important role fathers should play in their children’s lives was influenced by the surge of Gender-Based Violence cases in the country.

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