khanyi the son of DA member of Parliament Masizole Mnqasela, is accused of raping and sexual harassing 5 girls who have been reported to be his school mates.

“if I want I can rape you , I can rape anyone that I want and I will get away with it because I am untouchable.”

On of the girls said she once reported Khanyi to the school principal after Khanyi Sexually harassed him at a shop outside the school. And the principal did nothing as it is claimed that she is afraid of Khanyi because of his father’s political powers.

“What happens during break doesn’t involve her”-says the principal.

In 2011 Khanyi’s father was accused of raping a school girl and was found not guilty by the magistrate court.

His comment after the court case was that he’s too sexy to rape and all woman wants him, the comment is pure demonstration of someone who is not remorseful of whatever they are accused of.

One of the victims according to public sources claims that Khanyi raped her friend in Hilsong Church.

By: Monti Montsha